Thermal Imaging

What is Thermography?

Thermography is carried out with a thermal imaging camera and can highlight hot and cold spots within an image. Mostly used in the electricity sector it can detect faulty connections, components and motors that may be running at a higher temperature than normal. This usually means avoiding a breakdown and therefore unnecessary and expensive downtime, as a result.

Now used more and more in the building industry, it is ideal at detecting damp, thermal bridging, heat loss and air leaks as well as poor insulation and inefficient heating systems.

Under floor heating companies quite often use our services to try and ascertain why a particular room within a property may not be heating properly, as well as to locate under floor pipe work.

At NI Energy Services Fred Bolton has successfully accomplished the training and examination for Level 1 Infrared Thermography held by The Institute of Infrared Thermography. His experience in the Energy Efficiency of buildings coupled with the latest thermal imagery equipment leaves him the perfect person to contact about all your heating problems.

Based centrally in Northern Ireland

Based centrally in Cookstown, Mid Ulster;
NI Energy Services is in the ideal location to offer Thermal Imaging services all over Ulster.

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